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Authentic Chinese cuisine

Home Eat Locations

Santa Clara

coming soon

Brand History

Established in 2015, Home Eat (previous name - Fashion Wok) has evolved from original, Taiwanese style, boutique small hot pots, to a large-scale integrated full service restaurant that combines Sichuan, Hunan, Taiwan, and independently developed fusion dishes. With locations in Cupertino and Sunnyvale, Home Eat follows the principle of honest management, strives to develop its core taste and promotes healthy living. The core value of Home Eat is to service each community and each family by affordable high quality Chinese cuisine and comfortable dining experience.


Home Eat constantly pursue brand innovation, always pay attention to the catering trend in the internet era, and explore opportunities to expand our business scope. With constant growth and precise market positioning, cost-effective, high-quality dishes and a group of innovative management and service team, Home Eat has become one of the most promising restaurants in the Bay Area. We will try our best to offer authentic Chinese cuisine to the international market! 


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